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Overwatch Mobile Can Learn From COD To Be Less Like Diablo Immortal

Overwatch could get a mobile release. Blizzard needs to replicate COD Mobile’s success to keep another Diablo Immortal flop from happening. A mobile version of Blizzard’s team-based shooter Overwatch is reportedly launching alongside Overwatch 2. The news led gamers on social channels and forums to recall the loathed release of Diablo Immortal. Fans of the franchise were skeptical that Activision Blizzard might […]

When Claude Got Shot (2021) SXSW Movie Review

The documentary offers multidimensional storytelling amid facts, balancing events and personal lives without turning anyone into nameless statistics. Directed by Brad Lichtenstein, When Claude Got Shot tells the story of Claude Motley, whose life is upended after a nearly fatal shooting. Lichtenstein follows Claude over the course of several years, through the ups and downs […]

Poker Face Mystery Show In Development From Rian Johnson & Natasha Lyonne

An original mystery series titled Poker Face is in development for Peacock. It will be directed by Rian Johnson and star Natasha Lyonne. A new mystery-drama show titled Poker Face, directed by Rian Johnson and starring Natasha Lyonne, is officially in development at Peacock. Johnson is best known for his recent credits as writer and director of Knives Out and Star Wars: […]

Teen Titans’ Academy Can Learn from Marvel’s Doctor Strange Mistake

DC’s Infinite Frontier is teasing the Teen Titans Academy, and it can learn from Strange Academy’s biggest flaw regarding the magic school’s faculty. Warning! Spoilers ahead for Infinite Frontier #0 In Infinite Frontier, Teen Titans Academy reveals that Titans Tower is being transformed into a place of learning to teach the next generation of heroes how to control […]

DC to Reprint Fan-Favorite Catwoman Series in New Collection

This September, DC will release a new trade spotlighting the best of Catwoman, including a fan-favorite mini-series out of print for almost 30 years. This September, Catwoman will be celebrated with a special retrospective collection from DC Comics featuring some of her most popular stories, including a fan-favorite mini-series from the 1980s by acclaimed creator Mindy Newell. Titled Batman […]

Every Bethesda Game Coming To Xbox Game Pass

With Bethesda officially joining Xbox this week, Bethesda’s back catalog is hitting Xbox Game Pass, including Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Prey, and more. The megamerger of Bethesda and Xbox is official as of this week, which means plenty of things for Xbox players in the long term. The minds behind the entire Fallout franchise are now under one roof. Doomguy and Master Chief […]

The 5 Regions Of Kumandra Explained

Raya and the Last Dragon is set in the world of Kumandra, which is comprised of five distinct lands inspired by locations within Southeast Asia. Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Raya and the Last Dragon! Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon introduces the beautiful fictional world of Kumandra. Over the course of the movie, viewers are […]

United States vs. Billie Holiday

We interview The United States vs. Billie Holiday stars Trevante Rhodes and Tyler James Williams about the characters they play in the new film. Billie Holiday may have lived nearly a century ago, but The United States Vs. Billie Holiday proves her story is as relevant as ever today. Hulu’s biopic, which premieres on February […]

I Care A Lot Cast & Character Guide

I Care a Lot stars Rosamund Pike as a con artist, and her castmates are Netflix regular actors; here’s who plays the main characters. I Care a Lot stars Rosamund Pike as a con artist, and Netflix audiences will recognize several of her supporting castmates. The black comedy was written by English filmmaker J Blakeson, and follows a […]

DC’s New Batman Uses Tech From The Dark Knight, But It’s Even Worse

In Future State: Dark Detective #2, an unreleased micro-tech from Wayne Enterprise is almost identical to a technology used in The Dark Knight. Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Dark Detective #2 Wayne Enterprises apparently creates an ethically questionable technology in the comics that shares the same type of disturbing elements as a short-lived solution used in Christopher Nolan’s […]

Star Trek: Worf’s Son Alexander

Lieutenant Worf’s son Alexander grew up fast on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but his Klingon heritage can explain most of that mystery. Lieutenant Worf’s son Alexander grew up fast on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but his Klingon heritage can explain most of that mystery. Young Alexander Rozhenko – who took the last name […]

Invisible City Season 1 Ending & Eric’s Fate Explained

Netflix’s fantasy series Invisible City season 1 leaves several questions unanswered about its characters and their fate. Here’s its ending explained. Netflix’s original fantasy series Invisible City season 1 ends with several unanswered questions that necessitate an explanation. While the battle between good versus evil waged on throughout the show’s entirety, it all culminated in Eric (Marco […]