Teresa’s Boyfriend Luis Ruelas Accused Of Abusive Conduct In Lawsuit

After The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Guidice introduced the public to new boyfriend Luis, details emerged about a lawsuit against him.

Since word of Teresa Giudice’s new boyfriend hit the press, reports have been surfacing about who Luis “Louie” Ruelas really is. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star moved on with Louie just two months after her divorce with Joe Giudice was finalized. Now that it’s no secret who Teresa is dating, the media is digging up all they can find on her new beau.

Teresa and Joe announced their split in December 2019 after 20 years of marriage and four children. During the last season of RHONJ, fans watched Teresa as she struggled to come to terms with her decision to leave Joe. The couple had been through a lot following their prison stints and Joe’s deportation to Italy. After Teresa was released following 11 months behind bars, she grew resentful of her estranged husband. Matters were made worse when Teresa simultaneously lost her mother. Once Joe was released after serving 41 months in the slammer, Teresa felt a disconnect in their marriage. Since finalizing their divorce earlier this year, Joe has shared details about his new romance with an Italian lawyer, and Teresa was spotted at a football game with her new leading man.

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Just one week after word of Teresa’s new romance was made public, controversial details about Luis’s past have come to the surface. According to The Sun, Luis’s ex-fiance filed a lawsuit against him, accusing him of “controlling and abusive behavior” from February through October 2019. The suit, filed in New Jersey on April 15, 2020, claims the alleged abuse started after they got engaged. “In October 2019, [Louie] abandoned [his ex-fiancée] in Provincetown, Massachusetts and then padlocked [her] out of the [New Jersey] home that they shared,” the lawsuit states.


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The document goes on to accuse Luis of trying to manipulate his ex with material gifts. “After some other instances of controlling, abusive behavior, [Louie] gave [his ex-fiancée] various gifts to induce [her] to continue her relationship with him,” the lawsuit claims. While the woman remains unnamed, the documents reveal her work as a social worker. It claims Luis founded a company for his ex as a “gift” to her but “arrogated unto himself” exclusive control of the business after reportedly promising her power over its operation. The document claims Luis did this “with the intent to destroy and tortuously interfere with [her] business as a licensed social worker and to seek personal revenge against [her].” As a result, it caused her to “suffer severe mental distress.

The woman also accuses Luis of trying to “damage her educational degree in social work and her license as a social worker,” as well as “contact her friends to damage her reputation.” The suit requested a restraining order to stop Luis from controlling the business in addition to covered legal fees. She also wanted her attorney fees paid for. However, the suit was dropped back in May with no word on if a settlement was reached. Still, it doesn’t bode well for the future of Teresa’s relationship with Luis.

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Source: The Sun

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