How to Defeat Flameheart’s Ghost Fleet in Sea of Thieves

In a new World Event in Sea of Thieves, players fight Captain Flameheart and his Ghost Fleet. The fight includes four waves of increasing difficulty.

Captain Flameheart has arrived with his fleet of Ghost Ships in Sea of Thieves, and players will need to gather their crew to stop and defeat him. In Sea of Thieves, players join a pirate crew with friends to complete voyages for trading companies and fight against other pirate crews. Developers at Xbox Game Studios introduce major World Events, which are signified by giant clouds in the sky. These are usually major fights against Skeletons, Ghosts, Lords, or the Kraken that will require massive player cooperation. There is usually one World Event active in a single server at a time.

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When Captain Flameheart arrives, he will appear as an orange cloud in the sky. This will usually happen near any Large Island in the three main areas of the map, and the ships in the Ghost Fleet will circle the island. Captain Flameheart will begin taunting the Crew as they approach the Event and Fleet. Defeating the Ghost Fleet can be difficult, as the Fleet itself comes in four Waves, with stronger ships each wave until Flameheart’s flagship, the Burning Blade. Here are some tips for defeating Captain Flameheart’s Ghost Fleet with a Crew in Sea of Thieves.

How to Defeat Flameheart’s Ghost Fleet in Sea of Thieves


Captain Flameheart appears in the sky over the location of the World Event in Sea of Thieves


When the event is active, players need to sail in the direction of Captain Flameheart’s giant floating head. As the players get close enough to the Ghost Fleet, the battle will begin. Other Crews can join the fight any time, either as allies against Captain Flameheart or to steal the first Crew’s loot.

In the first wave of the battle, players will fight Grunt Ghost Ships. Each ship only requires 3 direct hits from a cannonball, but they will also shoot Ghostly Cannonballs and drop Ghost Mines in front of Crews’ ships. While they’re easy to take down, there are a lot of them and they can quickly overwhelm players. The best strategy to use for this wave is to rotate between repairing the ship from Ghostly Cannonball and Mine attacks, bailing water, and operating the cannon. Players need to defeat 7 Grunt Ghost Ships to end the first wave. Some of the defeated ships drop Storage Crates of the Damned containing Cannonballs and Wooden Planks that can be used to repair and reload.

During the second wave, the Crew will face off against two Ghost Captain Ships with Ashen Dragon sails, along with two more Grunt Ghost Ships. While these Ghost Grunt Ships are exactly the same as those in the first wave, the Ashen Dragon Ships are significantly more durable. They require 10 direct hits to defeat. They also have more powerful cannons that can more easily destroy the Crew’s ship. To finish the wave, players need to destroy both of the Ashen Dragon Ships. Players should pick up the Ghostly Treasures dropped by the Ashen Dragon Ships.

A Crew fights to defeat a Ghost Ship in Sea of Thieves

The third wave of the Ghost Fleet is almost exactly like the first one, requiring players to defeat 7 more Grunt Ghost Ships. This is the best time to pick up any Storage Crates of the Damned and use their contents prior to the most difficult final wave.

For the final wave of the Ghost Fleet, Captain Flameheart’s ship itself arrives, along with two Ashen Dragon Captain Ships. Flameheart’s ship, the Burning Blade, requires 24 direct hits to defeat and, like the Ashen Dragon Captain Ships, can deal serious damage to a Crew’s ship. While the wave will end when players defeat the Burning Blade, players can earn more treasure and loot by defeating the Ashen Dragon Ships first. To defeat these three ships, players should again focus on repairing the ship, bailing water, and firing on the Burning Blade and Ashen Dragon Ships. Players should vary their cannon fire to hit all three ships. Once defeated, the Burning Blade will drop about 15 pieces of regular Ghostly Treasure, 1 Captain Skull of the Damned, and 1 Cannonball Crate of the Damned.

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Sea of Thieves is available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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