All the Ways North Is Acting Like Kanye’s Mini-Me

Fans think North and Kanye West are similar, thanks to their personalities and style. Their physical resemblance has been caught on camera.

Fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians have been able to follow along with all of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s pregnancies. Their first child North West was born in 2013. Since then, the soon-to-be-divorced couple has welcomed three other children, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. While North is the oldest and has been in the public eye the longest, there’s no doubt in fans’ minds that out of Kim and Kanye’s four children, North is Kanye’s mini-me.

Fans of KUWTK have flooded Reddit with reasons why they believe North is Kanye’s twin, and they are bringing the receipts. Some users provided photos of the two side-by-side, with pictures of Kanye from when he was around North’s age. These photos prove just how similar the two look. While the resemblance might be obvious enough just by comparing them right now, at their current ages, it’s even more striking seeing young Kanye side-by-side with his oldest daughter.

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Features such as their noses, bone structure, eyebrows, and teeth show how many of Kanye’s physical characteristics were passed down to his daughter, North. “It’s the teeth for me,” one Reddit user said. While the father-daughter duo looks similar, fans of KUWTK have noticed that North also shares some of  Kanye’s interests. For example, North has been spotted numerous times belting out lyrics at Kanye’s infamous Sunday Service performances.



As talented painter North grows older, she could start resembling her mom Kim more than she resembles her dad. If that does happen, North and Kanye will always be able to look back at their childhood photos and remember that North did look very much like Kanye at one time. If North continues to strongly resemble Kanye, there’s always the chance that Kim’s genes will show up more in Saint, Chicago, and Psalm’s looks.

One Reddit user noted that North and Kanye are “Gemini twins,” and as any follower of astrology knows, zodiac signs tell a story about personalities. North will probably always be the subject of media fascination, and who’s to say that her personality won’t become even more similar to Kanye’s? In that case, there’d be a true Kanye mini-me walking the California streets (and maybe gracing stages).

As more news on Kim and Kanye’s divorce comes out, fans can’t help but wonder how it will affect their four children. In Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kim’s previous divorce, there weren’t children to factor into the equation… there was just a diamond earring. Whatever happens, Kanye’s loyalty to his children has been shown time and time again, so his relationship with his mini-me should remain strong.

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