Vice City Logo Designs Made By Rockstar Fans

Redditors have created countless Grand Theft Auto 6 logos and cover art designs. Here is a handful of the best works of GTA 6 fan art available.

A constant stream of rumors and chatter has made Grand Theft Auto 6 one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. Rockstar Games has yet to announce anything about GTA 5‘s sequel, but a report from April 2020 confirmed that GTA 6 is in early development. That news only served to feed the flames of excitement and led fans to create an avalanche of fan art inspired by how they believe Rockstar will design GTA 6‘s logo and game cover.

One of the most widely circulated GTA 6 leaks claimed that the unannounced title would be primarily set in Vice City and feature several other cities users can travel to. Those details have not been confirmed, but that hasn’t stopped fans from mocking up GTA 6 Vice City maps and creating other concept art. This Vice City rumor has also encouraged artistic Redditors to create renditions of how the logo and cover of a Vice City-themed GTA 6 might look.

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Most of these posts used a mishmash of past GTA concept art, iconic cover font, and bright neon colors associated with the synthwave music from 1980s films and games. Rockstar has always released new art and designs for every game it launches, so the chances are low that the box art for GTA 6 will look like any of the following images. Still, all of these fan-made designs serve as nostalgia-fueled hype-building for the eventual release of GTA 6.

GTA 6 Art: Business Is Business


GTA 6: Best Fan-Made Logos For Rockstar’s Rumored Return to Vice City Sonny


Redditor 813van cropped Italian gangster Sonny Forelli overtop of a grainy shot of a Miami sunset to create an image that truly captures the essence of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City aesthetic. There’s no chance Rockstar would recycle its old art like this, but the image’s faithfulness to the 2002 release would make any long-time fan yearn for a return to fictional Miami.

GTA 6 Art: Riding Shotgun

GTA 6: Best Fan-Made Logos For Rockstar’s Rumored Return to Vice City Car

Reddit user TheAlmightChanka designed a scene that looks straight out of a retro video game and put Rockstar’s classic GTA font over it. There’s an ominous figure sitting on the hood of the vehicle that’s either enjoying the view of the Vice City skyline or waiting to meet someone for a hand-off.


GTA 6: Best Fan-Made Logos For Rockstar’s Rumored Return to Vice City Neon Light

Gfycat user Falconbox created a rather straightforward logo but turned the Roman numeral at the end of the title into the first half of “Vice.”

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Even if GTA 6 does return to Vice City, the past two installments have used only numeric titles without any additional wording, suggesting that Rockstar will stick to that branding moving forward.

GTA 6 Art: Robotic Woman

GTA 6: Best Fan-Made Logos For Rockstar’s Rumored Return to Vice City Robot

Redditor Livvux used a new Rockstar logo that stirred up even more GTA 6 rumors when the company mysteriously released it in February 2020. Much like the past two designs, they stuck to the GTA‘s classic font style but stylized the Roman numeral as a hat tip to Vice City.

GTA 6 Art: Clean and Simple

GTA 6: Best FanGTA 6: Best Fan-Made Logos For Rockstar’s Rumored Return to Vice City Simple-Made Logos For Rockstar’s Rumored Return to Vice City Logo

Finally, Reddit user Jadturentale created a minimalistic logo that’s the most retro-looking one in the bunch. They slanted the GTA title font to look closer to the typeface used in the box art for the 1997 release of the original Grand Theft Auto. They then added bright pink, teal, and purple to fit the rumored Vice City setting. Seeing as Rockstar is still years away from launching Grand Theft Auto 6, its actual logo might end up looking very different, but all of this fan art has made it clear that gamers are craving a return to fictional Miami.

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