The MCU Confirms How Powerful White Vision Is Without The Mind Stone

WandaVision’s finale saw Vision vs White Vision, confirming exactly how powerful S.W.O.R.D.’s version of the synthezoid is without the Mind Stone.

WandaVision’s finale confirmed exactly how powerful Vision – or White Vision as he has been rechristened – is without the Mind Stone. Having been revived by S.W.O.R.D. and his stone replaced by a blue stand-in that remains as-yet unexplained, the question of Vision’s power set was a major part of the pre-finale build-up. Vision had always been tied to the Mind Stone – even after his revival within Westview – so unpicking what would remain if it were successfully removed was compelling.

Vision and the Mind Stone was even part of Infinity War’s story as the synthezoid pondered what might happen if Shuri managed to remove the Stone, though an answer there was impossible. And then WandaVision had Vision confront White Vision to ponder the reality of their shared existence using the clever analogy of Theseus’ Ship. The conclusion was that neither was Vision, truly, even though both possessed significant parts of the original, but crucially, White Vision claimed his own identity after a battle that proved he was the original’s equal in all ways.

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The episode confirmed that despite the Mind Stone’s destruction, S.W.O.R.D. had somehow been able to reconstruct Vision without compromising on the abilities he had showcased since his debut. He could phase through solid materials, could blast energy from his mysterious forehead Stone, could fly and was super strong and fast. If he had lost anything at all with the Mind Stone, it was the flaws that made him emotional and human and which had compromised his powers from Civil War onwards. The truth, after all, is that Wanda was always Vision’s weakness and his revival removed that as a concern, at least temporarily.


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Quite whether White Vision’s powers will remain the same now that he has recovered his memory is currently unclear. After his meeting with Vision, White Vision fled Westview without helping Wanda, suggesting something has changed but refinding his true identity surely means refinding his emotional bonds. Perhaps it was his fear that made him flee? Perhaps it was something speaking to a compromise in who he once was and a suggestion that he won’t quite be who he was without the Stone. As Bruce Banner said, Vision’s mind was a complex mix of all of his creators and the Stone: without one part, he is still a mix of others but there may be a different balance. And that may also impact his powers just as his love for Wanda seemed to weaken or compromise him.

As for the question of how he was so similarly powerful after his revival: the MCU had already set that precedent. The Stone, after all, was not absorbed by Wanda when she was initially powered by Hydra, it simply changed something in her (perhaps amplifying the future Scarlet Witch’s existing powers). While Vision’s relationship with the Stone was more symbiotic, its impact on his body was the same as it was on Wanda’s and as the Tesseract was on Captain Marvel: the was a change that stayed even when the Stone was no longer in play. If White Vision returns as an Avenger after WandaVision, he could well be just as powerful as he always was, even if he needs to be led back to who he was, and that would make him a powerful ally for whatever the Avengers team is in Phase 4 and beyond.

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