DC Meanings Explained & How To Tell The Difference

Those new to TikTok will need to get used to a few new words, phrases, abbreviations and acronyms, and “DC” is one of them. Here’s what it means.

TikTok is a popular video app, although it does come with some less than common phases, terms, abbreviations and acronyms, including “DC.” While understanding some of these will be straightforward enough, there are a few that will seem less obvious or even have more than one meaning. However, having a clear understanding of many of these terms and abbreviations can go a long way to maximizing the TikTok experience.

In spite of the app’s recent troubles in the U.S. and elsewhere, the popularity of TikTok continues to soar. With so many already using the platform and even more joining on a daily basis, TikTok is going to continue to increase in popularity. Similar to Clubhouse and other new social apps, there is somewhat of a TikTok learning curve involved for new users, and this is particularly the case when it comes to some of the language used.

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DC” is something that will often be mentioned in a TikTok description. In most cases, it will simply be referring to “dance credit.” TikTok is a popular option for dance videos and they can very quickly go viral with users not only sharing a dance video, but also recreating their own version as well. In these instances, the recreated video will mention “DC” in the description as a way to give credit to the original dance video or creator. Similarly, “DC” can also often be used to simply refer to a “dance challenge.”

How To Tell The DC TikTok Difference


TikTok reversing videos


Generally speaking, whether “DC” is in reference to ‘dance credits’ or ‘dance challenges’ the common point is how “DC” is connecting to dance videos. However, there is a fairly obvious way to tell the difference. For example, when “DC” is in reference to a ‘dance credit’ then that mention alone is not going to be enough to actually give credit to the original video or creator. Due to this, a dance credit will almost always also be followed by another TikTok creator’s username. This alone should be enough to understand that “DC” is crediting another creator. Even in cases where a username follows a ‘dance challenge’ mention, it is still technically giving credit to another TikTok user. At times when “DC” is simply mentioned alone, then it is safe to assume the reference is to a dance challenge in general.

Again, “DC” is not the only phrase or acronym new TikTok users will need to get used to, as there are many and new ones routinely come through as well. However, keeping up with these language uses is a major part of TikTok, as there are rarely times when a video goes viral without some sort of reference in the TikTok description. Of course, there will also be times when “DC” on TikTok means other things, with a non-dance related example being videos related to DC Comics. However, it should be much easier to directly relate the “DC” reference in these instances to the contents of the TikTok video.

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