DC to Reprint Fan-Favorite Catwoman Series in New Collection

This September, DC will release a new trade spotlighting the best of Catwoman, including a fan-favorite mini-series out of print for almost 30 years.

This September, Catwoman will be celebrated with a special retrospective collection from DC Comics featuring some of her most popular stories, including a fan-favorite mini-series from the 1980s by acclaimed creator Mindy Newell. Titled Batman Arkham: Catwoman, the book will reprint a number of Catwoman’s greatest adventures, stretching from her first appearance all the way into the present.

Since her introduction in Batman #1 way back in 1940, Catwoman has been a key player in the Dark Knight’s mythos. Born Selina Kyle, Catwoman is a master thief. She was originally introduced as a villain, but over time Catwoman has become an ally of the Caped Crusader and there’s been plenty of romantic tension between the two – they were even almost married at one point. And she’s also appeared in practically every animated and live-action incarnation of the Batman universe. In Catwoman’s 81-year history, a number of key stories have defined the character, and now DC will be bringing a selection of them together in a special new collection.

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The book promises to weave together a number Catwoman’s various adventures and loves over the years. Among the stories is the character’s first appearance, as well as the classic “Never Scratch a Cat,” from 1982’s Batman #355, which puts focus on Batman and Catwoman’s relationship. Catwoman has starred in several ongoing series over the years, and key issues from some of those are represented here as well, as are stories from 2002’s Secret Files and one-off stories from Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane. A “Who’s Who” page, which will give background information on the character, is provided as well, but the highlight of the collection is Mindy Newell’s 1988 mini-series. A fan-favorite that’s been long out of print, the story helped redefine Catwoman’s place in the DC Universe established after Crisis on Infinite Earths.


Catwoman 50 DC Comic Cover


Catwoman has a long and storied history, stretching back to comics’ Golden Age, and DC has brought together an excellent sampling of stories that showcase the character in all her glory. “Never Scratch a Cat” is a fan-favorite, but the return of Mindy Newell’s mini-series after being out of print for 30 years is the centerpiece of this collection. While most of the stories are limited to Catwoman’s solo titles or Batman-related books, the stories from Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane also demonstrate how important Catwoman is to the DC Universe as a whole.

For over 80 years, Catwoman has occupied a unique position in Batman’s rogues gallery as a morally ambiguous thief with deep feelings for the Dark Knight. Now fans can revisit some of her greatest stories in Batman Arkham: Catwoman. The trade is slated to be released in stores and on digital platforms September 28 from DC Comics.

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