Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Fight Training Looks Insanely Cool in New Video

Oscar Isaac’s fight training for Moon Knight is showcased in a new video that has him practicing insanely cool stunts for the MCU Disney+ show.

Oscar Isaac’s fight training for Moon Knight is insanely cool in a new video. Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will introduce many new heroes to the popular franchise, such as Marc Spector aka Moon Knight. Marvel Studios confirmed plans for Moon Knight to join the MCU in 2019 at D23. The street-level hero who believes the Egyptian moon god Khonshu granted him superpowers is getting his own Disney+ series. Fans were already excited by the prospect of Moon Knight finally joining the MCU and interest has only increased thanks to the casting of Oscar Isaac.

The Star Wars star will play Moon Knight in the MCU and lead the Disney+ series. Before gaining superpowers from Khonshu, Marc Spector is a trained mercenary who is skilled in all types of combat. He routinely is involved in hand-to-hand combat but doesn’t shy away from using weapons when the situation calls for it. Moon Knight has crescent-shaped boomerangs, a staff, and much more. All of this has built an expectation that Moon Knight will be an action-packed series that could require Oscar Isaac to be proficient in various forms of combat and fighting styles. It’s one of the many reasons why fans often hoped for Keanu Reeves to play the part, but now a video has surfaced showing Isaac stepping up to the challenge.

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Oscar Isaac isn’t on social media but his production company Mad Gene Media used its Instagram account to show the star training for Moon Knight. Isaac is shown practicing extensive and varied takedowns in the video, which does a great job of showcasing the actor’s commitment to learning the fight choreography to play Moon Knight. The video is also tagged with #TheOneYouSeeComing, which is a reference to Moon Knight’s bright white costume that ensures his enemies know he is coming for them.

Isaac’s insanely cool fight training for Moon Knight comes as he and the rest of the cast and crew are nearing the start of production. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige confirmed Moon Knight and She-Hulk start filming soon. It was also reported that the first leg of production for Moon Knight will take place in Budapest, Hungary. Isaac could be getting a few last-second training sessions in before he has to travel across the world to start playing Marc Spector in the MCU.

Even though Isaac will have stunt doubles who can do the bigger or more challenging fights, it is great to see him taking on the challenge. This is especially true since Moon Knight’s costume traditionally obscures Marc Spector’s entire face, so Isaac realistically could’ve been able to skip out on having to do most of the stunt scenes. It is also encouraging to see a glimpse of Moon Knight’s fighting style. The MCU is filled with skilled fighters, but these early looks at Isaac’s stunt training feel different from other hand-to-hand combatants. If these fights are sign of what is to come with Moon Knight, fans should be very pleased with the action it delivers.

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Source: Mad Gene Media

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