Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Play 30% More Games

According to Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass subscribers on average play 30% more games and spend 20% more money on gaming than any other gamers.

Microsoft says that, on average, Xbox Game Pass subscribers play 30% more games than non-subscribers, and spend 20% more on them as well. Xbox Game Pass has been Microsoft’s primary focus this console generation, with big, first-party titles appearing to take more of a backseat.

With no franchise staples like Halo available for fans, Microsoft has been working on deals to bolster its subscription service, such as bringing EA Play to Xbox Game Pass for PC players or, most notably, acquiring Bethesda and immediately adding its catalog to the service. Since its launch in 2017, Xbox Game Pass has become more and more appealing, with over 18 million players subscribed to the service as of January.

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In a recent Forbes article, Microsoft’s VP of  Gaming Ecosystem Sarah Bond gave some insight into how the 18 million subscribers play the games of their choice. According to Bond, “Game Pass subscribers spend 20% more time playing games, play 30% more games, play 40% more genres.” Bond also added that Xbox Game Pass subscribers also, “spend about 20% more on gaming overall.


Xbox Game Pass titles


It is unclear what these numbers are compared to, but considering the source, it feels safe to assume that they are compared to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S players. For subscribers, Xbox Game Pass has been a worthwhile subscription, with a library of games that will only get larger as time goes. With a low barrier to entry, it makes sense that these numbers are what they are; plenty of players prefer to pay a flat fee to try a game rather than commit $60, only to not like the game.

Most interestingly is the stat about subscribers spending more on gaming overall. According to Bond, Xbox Game Pass subscribers are more inclined to pay for things like DLC/expansions, season passes, and other microtransactions. Bond does not give an explicit reason for why this is the case, but perhaps players do not see as much of a problem with paying for extra content if they have not also paid full price for said game.

The trade-off for this low barrier to entry is that players do not own the games they play, which can be disappointing when their favorite games leave the Xbox Game Pass service, leaving them unable to play it unless they decide to buy the game outside of their subscription. But maybe that is apart of the 20%, maybe players try games out on Game Pass, and then decide if they want to purchase it or not. It is hard to say how often that happens, but what is easy to see is that Xbox Game Pass is continuing to be a victory for both players, and Microsoft.

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Source: Forbes

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