Andrew Garfield Becomes Social Media Influencer

The trailer for Mainstream drops, a dark rom-com starring Andrew Garfield and Maya Hawke, who spiral as they become social media influencers.

IFC Films released the trailer to its upcoming movie, Mainstream, a romantic comedy with a dark tone that will star Andrew Garfield and Maya Hawke. Garfield already has experience playing a movie’s main character, having played the role of Peter Parker in Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man movies. Hawke, on the other hand, has yet to have a central role like the one promised in Mainstream. That said, Hawke is already relatively well-known after she joined Netflix’s Stranger Things in season 3 as Robin Buckley.

Now, the two are pairing up for Mainstream, written and directed by Gia Coppola. The movie has already premiered at the prestigious Venice Film Festival, where it did impressively well. The film is now making it to movie theaters in the U.S., so they have released the trailer in anticipation. Continue below to see the full trailer released by IFC Films:

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While watching the first portion of the trailer, the movie seems much like the Lonely Island’s Postar: Never Stop Never Stopping in that it appears to satirically portray the life of a social media influencer. But as the trailer continues, the tone becomes much darker and it becomes clear that the movie aims to understand this new age of connectivity, rather than mock it. That said, there will likely still be moments of satire or criticism seen throughout the film as viewers follow the love story between Garfield and Hawke’s characters.

Mainstream’s synopsis reads: “In this cautionary tale, three people struggle to preserve their identities as they form an eccentric love triangle within the fast-moving internet age. Mainstream will release on May 7, 2021.

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Source: IFC Films

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