Apple’s Find My Now Supports Third-Party e-bikes, Earbuds & Backpacks

Three third-party products have now been added to Apple’s Find My network, opening the door for plenty more devices and accessories in the future.

Apple has unveiled an updated version of the Find My app that, for the first time, allows third-party products to be incorporated into Apple’s Find My program, including e-bikes, earbuds and a location tracker. The change had been rumored for some time, with Apple recently developing a “Find My Certification Asst.” app that lets developers test Made for iPhone products. Days later, the lid has officially been lifted on Apple’s third-party Find My secret, and a new line of compatible products have been revealed.

Apple’s Find My technology dates back to 2010 and is today compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Mac, and AirPods. The Find My app can show a user’s devices on a map, play a sound on specific devices to help them be found, erase the data on a lost device, and lock it to prevent unwanted access when fallen into unknown hands. The app can even be used to find devices that are offline.

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A trio of new third-party products have now joined Apple’s Find My family: VanMoof’s S3 and X3 e-bikes, Belkin’s SOUNDFORM Freedom True Wireless Earbuds, and the Chipolo ONE Spot item finder. All three will be available to work with the Find My app starting next week, according to Apple. With Apple’s Made for iPhone Program – which establishes a path for developers to add products to the Find My network so long as they meet Apple’s privacy protection requirements – more products are expected to follow in the future.

New Products Just The Beginning



On the surface, the initial products that are being added to Apple’s Find My program are not overly exciting. For existing users, it will be beneficial to now see exactly where they left their bike, find lost earbuds at home, or a misplaced backpack (or any other product) equipped with a smart item finder. At the same time, VanMoof’s electric bikes start at $2,000, and while Belkin’s earbuds may be solid, they are far from the most popular in the industry. The same is also true for Chipolo’s item finder which doesn’t quite have the recognition that brands like Tile do.

However, the deeper context of this seemingly odd trio of products should be enough to make all iOS users excited for what’s to come. These products are serving as pioneers that should open the door for countless third-party devices and accessories to gain compatibility with the Find My app. In other words, iOS users can realistically look forward to a future where they can locate all of their prized possessions through a single app. In a world dominated by valuable technological belongings, this is a potentially huge step in adding an extra layer of security to the everyday lives of Apple’s customers.

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