Stephen Colbert Does Not Want Dwayne Johnson To Be President

During a recent episode of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert took some time to argue against the prospect of a Dwayne Johnson presidency.

Young Rock continues to flirt with the prospect of a Dwayne Johnson presidency, but Stephen Colbert has playfully rejected the idea altogether. The family comedy, which recently debuted on NBC, is inspired by Johnson’s upbringing. But it also spends a lot of time chronicling the storyline of Johnson mounting a bid for U.S. president in the year 2032. This unique setup has renewed speculation that Rock could be harboring political aspirations.

It would match with what Johnson has stated publicly in the past. And, in the aftermath of a new poll that showed 46% of Americans want the former WWE wrestler to run for president, Johnson did little to cool down the speculation. Now, however, Colbert has given voice to anyone feeling a little skittish about having another celebrity in the Oval Office.

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Colbert noted the poll during a recent monologue on The Late Show. Although the host took on a playful tone by peppering his argument with numerous references to The Fast and Furious franchise, it’s clear that Colbert doesn’t share the enthusiasm that others have about the idea of a Dwayne Johnson presidency. You can read some of Colbert’s arguments below.

“Look, folks… I love Dwayne ‘Rock’ the Johnson as much as the next middle-aged man who loves Fast Cars Go Zoom. But for the love of Ludacris, Dwayne! We don’t need another celebrity in the White House! Just ’cause people love something doesn’t mean we should hand it the nuclear codes! That’s why we’ve never elected President Surprise Onion Ring in Your French Fries. Besides, we’ve already have a couple of Presidents Johnson. We’d have to call his administration 2 POTUS 2 Prez: Executive Drift.”



While it’s still too early to say whether Johnson truly intends to make a bid for the White House, it’s interesting that the first bit of gentle reproach comes from Colbert. The former host of The Colbert Report was one of the harshest critics of the Trump administration and, while it is certainly true that the two individuals are vastly different, Johnson shares the fact that he would be running for president with no prior political experience. Colbert’s monologue shows the potential pitfalls that Johnson would inevitably face if, as it seems to be the case right now, he does follow through on his long-rumored political ambitions.

Many notable names have remained popular in the eyes of the public right up until the moment that they emerge as a viable candidate. By that point, asked to provide policy solutions, and expected to withstand media scrutiny, their once unassailable image takes a hit that’s difficult to repair. It’s an open question as to whether Johnson would genuinely want to subject himself to that kind of spotlight, something that Colbert hints at in his playful remarks.

For now, Johnson maintains a busy schedule as an actor. Between leading his own sitcom and working on Black Adam, in addition to being attached to several other projects that are in various stages of development, the former WWE star’s next few years are largely mapped out. In another decade or so, perhaps his schedule will slow down enough for him to genuinely consider a life in politics. Or, as Colbert jokes, maybe Johnson will realize he likes being an action star far more than any other career. But as long as Young Rock continues to prominently tease a Dwayne Johnson presidency, fans will continue to wonder.

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