10 Twists The US Version Needs To Steal From Canada

Each season of Big Brother features new twists that shake up the game. These twists keep the houseguests on their toes as they have to be ready to adjust their game if they want to win the half-million-dollar prize. Many fans have come up with creative new twists they would love to see implemented.

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However, the US version of Big Brother could also look to international versions of the show for new ideas. In fact, super-fans of the show often find themselves hoping that the Big Brother US will implement some of the Big Brother Canada twists as many believe the latter has the more superior jaw-droppers.

10 Secret POV


Big Brother Canada Alison


There have been many different iterations of the Power of Veto in the US version of Big Brother, however, there has never been a Secret Power of Veto. In BBCan2, clever player Allison noticed secret clues around the house.

By following the clues, she was able to earn a Secret Power of Veto. Hidden powers can really derail an HOH and it would be exciting to see how this power could impact the game.

9 Triple Eviction

Kevin and Willow with Arisa Cox

Fans of Big Brother Canada have been hoping to see a triple eviction on the US version for years. Many thought that Big Brother: All-Stars 2 would be the ideal time to see this twist unfold. While BBUS fans did get to see the first triple eviction during this season, the eviction did not follow the BBCan format.

In a Big Brother Canada triple eviction, one houseguest nominates 3 houseguests for eviction, and the rest of the house votes for who they would like to save. The houseguest with the most votes remains in the house while the others are evicted. During the US triple eviction, two weeks of the game were played quickly as the houseguests competed in 2 HOH comps and 2 POVs during one episode. Hopefully, there is still hope that Canada’s version of a triple can be implemented in the future.

8 Instant Eviction

Neda holding her head and thinking

Many houseguests rely on the power of veto to keep them safe in difficult situations. Strong competitors are often targeted through elaborate backdoor plans that attempt to prevent them from being able to compete and save themselves. But in Big Brother Canada, there is another way to send a player out the door without allowing them to play in the POV and that is to evict them during an instant eviction.

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An instant eviction is a surprise eviction. The HOH is forced to immediately nominate two players for eviction and then the houseguests go directly into voting. The houseguest who receives the most votes is then instantly evicted from the house.

7 5 Player Power of Veto

In the US version of Big Brother, 6 people compete for the power of veto. These players include the HOH, the two nominees, and three players selected by random draw.

Big Brother Canada used to follow the same rules until a twist shook things up. Now, only 5 people compete in the POV competition and the HOH is not one of these players. This increases the chances that one of the HOH’s nominees will come off of the block and adds an interesting dynamic to the game.

6 Backwards Week

Casting Vote to evict during backwards week

A typical week in Big Brother begins with an HOH competition. After an HOH is crowned, they nominate players for eviction, the POV is played, the POV ceremony is performed, and then there is an eviction. One twist in BBCan 5 turned the game upside down by switching the events of the week around.

The week started with all of the houseguests voting on who to nominate for eviction and working all of the way backwards to the HOH comp. The winner of this competition then had the sole vote to evict, deciding who out of the two nominated players should go home. Implementing a major twist like this would cause a fun week of chaos as the houseguests scramble to adjust their strategies and keep themselves and their allies safe.

5 Top Level Clearance

Big Brother Canada Damien

In a game like Big Brother, information is crucial. Any insight into the house or the other houseguests can give a player a huge advantage. In BBCan 7, one player was given the opportunity to start the game with an advantage.

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Canada voted for Damien to receive Top Level Clearance. He was allowed to watch the first two groups of houseguests move in from a secret room before joining the third move-in group and entering the house. Having the chance to observe the competition, especially so early in the game, can really impact the way a houseguest sets up their alliances.

4 Fake Eviction

Big Brother Canada Safety Suite

A popular Big Brother Canada twist is a fake eviction. Players are voted out of the game, but instead of going home, they are sent to a private room in which they monitor the other houseguests on a television.

A player reentering the game is always exciting as they often come back with a vendetta. A player reentering the game with a vendetta as well as new information and insights is even more thrilling.

3 Blood Power of Veto

Blood Power of Veto

The Blood Power of Veto is one of the strongest powers that has ever been introduced in Big Brother.

This power, introduced in season 7 of BBCan, allowed a houseguest to veto an evicted houseguest, bringing them back into the game and sending the person they were up against on the block out.  The power was not used during this season, but fans would love the opportunity to see it implemented.

2 Invisible HOH

Big Brother Canada Invisible HOH

Recently on BBCan9, the houseguests competed in an HOH competition unlike any other. One houseguest was crowned the “Invisible HOH,” allowing them to have all of the power without all of the backlash. Though this week of BBCan didn’t play out as many hoped it would, this twist could be monumental.

Too many seasons feature strong players skating their way to the end as the other houseguests fear the backlash of targeting them. This twist would allow players to make savage strategic moves without jeopardizing their chance of getting to the end. Implementing this twist would surely lead to more blindsides and drama.

1 War Room

Allison Nate and Scott in the War Room on Big Brother Canada

Another popular twist from BBCan 2 was the War Room. Three players lived in a secret room in the house, monitoring the houseguests who had moved in from a TV. Canada then voted on one of the houseguests to send into the game.

Allison ended up being sent in and had to pretend she had no idea why she had arrived later than the other houseguests. This twist can really impact the dynamics of a house and fans would love to see it implemented on a US season of Big Brother.

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